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Founded in 1982, EAI is a fully accredited association management company that provides top-quality management services to professional associations and their related foundations.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 0007006PK, 35200, ACG-141C3 150W 21V, EKE 150W 21V EAI’s management model is a proven, cost-efficient solution for organizations that require professional management and administrative services delivered by experienced association experts.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 11345, LU50 MED, LU50 MED ECO, GREEN ENERGY 20701 50W

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REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 16920, SPL1500 L H 652 RX7SM, VENTURE LIGHTING 22151EAI is a full service firm, providing management and headquarters services to national and international organizations. EAI has over 30 years of experience in the non-profit environment, lending strategic focus and putting proven practices to work. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 20122, 41B559159P264, LIGHT BULB LAMP 200PAR 200W 30VEAI can provide your organization with improved staff efficiency, reduced overhead costs and enhanced buying power.

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EAI offers scalability of service with staff and resources where and when you need them.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 24572, 4434A, LIGHT BULB LAMP 4434A, LUMAPRO 2F324 Because EAI employees specialize in many technical and complex areas of association management, we can serve as an extension of your existing staff to help meet your unique needs.

  • "I have the utmost respect, admiration and appreciation for you and your team."

    — David Vargas, MD, Committee Vice-Chair
    American Society of Colon and Rectal SurgeonsREPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 30301, IWASAKI 89428, JPD115 120V650WS DWY, LIF P1 18

  • "They (EAI) are highly reliable people, extremely easy to work with and highly ethical. I am pleased to endorse them without reservation."

    — David A. Rothenberger, MD, Past-President
    American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons


    "EAI staff...have made our meetings financially more successful every year through hard work, creative ideas and development of close relationships with sponsoring pharmaceutical companies."

    — Diane E. Schuller, MD, Past-President
    American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • "...Abstract submissions have set a record every year and attendance at the annual meeting has increased by almost 50%. It has truly been a spectacular turnaround of a major professional organization. I have nothing but the highest praise for EAI"

    — Charles M. Balch, MD, Past-President
    The Society of Surgical Oncology

  • "The administrative team is unfailingly highly responsive and professional. Thank you for guiding ASBMT from its early gestation to the major resource it is to its members and the larger transplant field today."

    — Helen Heslop, MD, Past-President
    American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 50PAR20 H FL25 120V, 50PAR20 H FL25-130V 50W 120V

  • "(EAI) took the College from a "shoe box" management situation...to a thriving, financially sound organization in just a few years. Obviously, this is a real tribute to staff's business acumen."

    — Edward J. O'Connell, MD, Past-President
    American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • "As I recall our trials and tribulations and the sheer volume of work that went into establishing our Society, I am frankly amazed that it happened. That it turned into a truly outstanding organization is all the more impressive. I believe there is clear unanimity among all Board members that EAI's contribution is what made it happen."

    — Joseph H. Antin, MD, Past-President
    American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

  • "EAI's many outstanding contributions have made the Society the success that it is. The success of this Society could not be achieved without the commitment, skill, attention to detail and perseverance of you and your staff."

    — Robert S. Negrin, MD, Past-President
    American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

  • REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 88605, BTN, BTN-Q750T7 CL 2P, Q750T7 CL 2P-120V

    "I just want to express what an extraordinary job you at EAI have done. Your capable leadership, insightfulness and direction are clearly the reasons we are where we are today."

    — Kirby I. Bland, MD, Past-President
    The Society of Surgical Oncology

  • "I would like to thank you and your colleagues at EAI for all you have done to help build our organization into the world class professional society it is today."

    — Myron Zitt, MD, Past-President
    American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • "In selecting adjectives to describe EAI, only superlatives come to mind. Your firm conducts its business in an efficient, trustworthy and friendly manner. You and your staff are industrious, innovative and reliable. The quality of work is exceptional and the zeal and enthusiasm with which you and your staff approach each task is exemplary."REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE CMH35 PAR30 UVC 830 E27 FL25 39W 120V

    — Philip H. Gordon, MD, Past President
    The Society of Surgical Oncology

  • "Thanks to the diligent efforts of EAI, our organization has grown from 1,700 members to more than 6,000."

    — Myron Zitt, MD, Past-President
    American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

  • "EAI has done an absolutely stellar job in soliciting partners...$1.15M from sponsors is simply amazing. It's absolutely awesome work on your part."

    — Kenneth Tanabe, MD, Committee Chair
    The Society of Surgical Oncology

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EAI knows how to grow revenue.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE F55 2D 835 4P 55W One client's net assets have grown, under EAI Management, from $200,000 in 1982 to $23 million currently.

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The concept of association management has existed for more than 100 yearsREPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE HALO T38 1000W E40 240, USHIO 1001889, JT240V-1000WB. Today's associations continue to appreciate and embrace the many advantages of an accredited association management company.

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